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Best live and online casino poker strategies

by Jorge Myla

Poker is more or less the same game when played at a live or online casino such as the best NJ online casino, Resorts Casino, which also offers other games such as roulette and blackjack. However, there are different strategies and tips for both venues that can pay dividends when used correctly.

Online poker – play for low stakes at first

One of the first valuable tips that those playing at online casinos should take heed of is to start to play a high-stakes cash game with lower stakes.

The goal of early online poker sessions, unlike when played in a live casino, is simply to get used to the nuances of online playing, so starting low increases the chances of long-term success.

This strategy also allows newcomers to play with a smaller bankroll when starting to play online, reducing stress about losses and enabling a greater focus on becoming a successful online player.

Online games often come with tougher opposition than live games, which can make a newcomer feel overwhelmed. That is why progressing through the stakes more gradually to become better acquainted with and eventuallyfully understand how to win online poker is a good idea.

Live poker – punishing limpers

New live poker players may be amazed by how frequently some players limp behind and open-limp, despite this being a weak strategy that leaves them open to exploitation by other players and has little chance of success.

One way to punish players that open-limp is to tighten up your raising range against them to account for that player.

Another way is to play against them more loosely. Most limpers are poor players that are unlikely to make a good player’s life difficult, allowing you to raise wider and take advantage of the additional money in the pot.

Online poker – Play a single table first

Although jumping straight into multi-tabling can be tempting for online poker players, given this is one of the benefits of using this venue, it is better to learn how to consistently win on just one table when first starting to play. Doing so provides the player with a better understanding of the technicalities of online poker.

Once the player has gained confidence in their ability to maneuver a single table, then extra tables can be added one by one at their comfort level.

Live poker – watch for weaker tables

There is little to offer in terms of hand volume with live games, making it crucial to maximize the time spent in the casino and being astute as to which table to play can increase your hourly wins.

Signs that a game may be easy to win include the presence of alcohol on the side tables, lively or loud players, multi-person groups having a good time on the good table for long periods, and plenty of multi-way pots.

Try to play when games are exceptionally soft if possible, such as on the weekend or late at night when players may be tired or intoxicated.

Online poker and live poker require different skill sets to navigate to achieve success. Being aware of the differences and the similarities will meana player has a better chance of winning.

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