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Online Roulette – Insights on betting

by Jorge Myla

The boom in the internet phenomenon opened up the platform for many offline games, especially gambling. As gambling has been illegal in many parts of the world, people are turning towards online gambling sites such as sbobet88 for authenticity.

Before starting the game, players need to know the kinds of bets they could invest in. In this game of chance, every player has an equal chance of winning as an expert. As this game expects no prior experience or tactics people love to play Roulettes in sbobet88 online!

Different types of bets to bet

In TanganDewa’s sbobet88 roulette, players are offered nine types of betting. And to get a clear chance of winning, it is important to get some insights on the betting types available in sbobet88 roulette online.

Straight up

In this kind of bet, players can place their bet on any one number on the wheel. It is the simplest bet a player can make in the online roulette spin. This type of bet expects an extreme level of luck and gut instinct, just to choose 1 number against 35 others. You will have a 1/35 chance of winning in here, however, if you win the win will give you the money of 35 other numbers.


In this type of bet, you can choose two adjacent numbers for betting. So, when the metallic ball lands on any of the numbers you have chosen, then you get a win. The pay is just half as that of straight up, that is why people often opt for straight-up bets.


Here you will place the bet on three consecutive numbers on the layout of betting. Here you will get the pay of 11 to 1 if you win the bet.


Within the chip layout, players will be allowed to bet on four numbers. And the player gets the win if the ball lands in between these 4 numbers. The winner gets the payout of 8 to 1.

Zero section

The gamblers have to place the bet on the numbers closest to zeros, such as 1, 2, and 3. The winner gets the payout of 35 to 1, the same as the straight-up bet still players in sbobet88 prefer to go for the latter type of betting.

Six lines

The players will be offered to place their bet on six numbers, made on two adjacent lines with three numbers on each side. If the ball lands on their chosen number, then the payout for the winner will be 5 to 1.


Among three dozen numbers in the betting sheet, the player will be given a chance to select a dozen either it can be from (1-12) or (13-24) or (25-36). If the ball hits one of the numbers in that dozen, then the payout for the winner is 2 to 1.


The player is allowed to choose a column in the betting sheet, if chosen then the chip is positioned at the bottom of the last number in that column. The payout for the winner is 2 to 1.

Odd and Even

The final betting with the highest winning chance of 50 percent, players often choose such betting in the sbobet888 virtual roulette table. The person bets on either even numbers or odd numbers.

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