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Pokerbros Diamond Union

by Jorge Myla

This article will review Pokerbros Diamond Union, one of the most popular unions available on Pokerbros app. It is currently the oldest Pokerbros union that offers you multiple clubs fit for everyone’s needs. It offers cash games as well as money tournaments across various stakes starting from as little as 0.10/0.25 cash tables on both PLO and NLH.

How to join PokerBros Union?

In order to start playing on Pokerbros app you will have to download the app and contact one of the Pokerbros agents that will guide you on how to transfer the funds that you will need to participate in real money games on Pokerbros. The poker agent will also help you with any issue that you may come across, i.e software-related problems. It can also offer a fund guarantee or point you to a specific club that will offer games that meet your preferences.

Is Pokerbros better than other Chinese Apps?

To answer this question you might wanna read why Pokerbros reviews are excellent among Chinese Apps, despite the fact that it has some drawbacks: occasionally spotted collusion, bots- to name a few. Yet Pokerbros provide the largest player pool and is making a huge effort in order to fight any wrongdoing on its servers. Next to this effort, it offers a great variety of games and recreational players from the USA that are easy to play against these days. Whether you decide to play on mobile or install an emulator that will allow you to run Pokerbros app on PC, it is safe to say that this player pool on the Pokerbros tables is a good place to invest your money.

Rakeback on Diamond Union

To the common knowledge Diamond Union offers the highest rakeback percentage on Pokerbros. It means that if returns up to 60 percent of the rake that you put in the pot, which eventually may lead to higher win ratio if you decide to choose Diamond Union and deposit money on Pokerbros app via agent.

Support on Diamond Union

If you are having any issues when playing on the tables of Diamond Union, you should contact your Pokerbros Agent that will help you resolve them.

Pokerbros clubs on Diamond Union

There are a lot of different clubs on Diamond Union, of which each of them offers different games and different player pools. What they all seem to have in common, though, is soft games at the tables and large numbers of recreational players from around the world.

Pokerbros provides any real money types of games on Diamond Union, they vary by club:


-cash games NLH,

-cash games PLO,


Other Unions on Pokerbros

Games in Pokerbros app are played in private poker clubs where you use virtual money, purchased with a help of your agent. Clubs belong to Unions, like Diamond Union, but there are other to be found on Pokerbros, such as:

  • Diamond
  • Panamericana
  • The Pod
  • Paradise
  • RGS United
  • Pacifica

How to create an account on Pokerbros Diamond Union

To create an account you will have to download the app. The nice thing about Pokerbros is that you do not have to provide your personal details and nobody is going to verify your account details. You can simply download the app, contact one of the available Pokerbros agents, choose the best union and club to play on, buy virtual chips/money through your agent and, ideally, enjoy big wins.

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